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Your Dream

Welcome to your oasis: a personal space made especially for you including inspired reading, words of wisdom, quick tips and fun bits to keep you smiling as you aspire to live your own dreams.

We are so happy to have you here, supporting a community dedicated to helping women and girls live their dreams; but we know all too well that in order to help others, we must take care of ourselves.

Together we’ll cultivate healthy choices and smart habits to nurture your mind, body and soul and help you feel empowered to lead a balanced, fulfilled life. You truly deserve it!

Featured InspiREAD: 5 ways to add more fruits & veggies to your plate

By Amanda Tauber, RD, CNSC, University of Maryland Medical Center, Baltimore, MD

According to the CDC, the leading causes of death and disability in the United States are heart disease, cancer and diabetes. While there are genetic factors that predispose people to these disease states, there are many things we as women can do to reduce our risk.

As a dietitian, I can not stress the importance of fruits and vegetables in disease prevention enough. With our busy and hectic lives, it’s hard to get the recommended 5 (yes, 5!) servings of fruits AND vegetables each and every day. With a little planning ahead, however, this goal is not an impossible one. a head, however, this goal is not an impossible one.

Here are 5 fun ways to add some more fruits and veggies to your plate:

1. Eating Out

Order veggie sushi or ask for more lettuce and tomato to go on that burger or sandwich.

Have a sweet tooth? Order a dessert with fruit in it (preferably fresh fruit if possible). Since its summer, a lot of restaurants offer amazing berry tarts and sorbets.

2. Cooking In
herbs Although you may not be the next Martha Stewart, preparing your own food can be rewarding, fun, and is almost always healthier than having someone else prepare it at a restaurant. Have some friends over and learn some recipes together. Spend some weekend time at the local outdoor market or start your own little mini garden, even if it’s just a few herbs. For desserts, add berries to frozen yogurt, or try making a fruit crumble with the season’s ripest fruits.
3. Be a Vegetarian for a Day

Aim for at least 2 meatless meals per week. Vegetarian does not equate to boring whatsoever.

Try grilled portabello mushrooms with cheese instead of a cheeseburger or add eggplant to lasagna instead of ground beef.

4. Brown Bag It
lunch Eating fruit on the go can be easier than eating vegetables because so many fruits can be eaten as they are. How easy is it to grab a banana on the way out of the door? To get your veggies, either buy pre-sliced veggies, or slice them ahead of time and place in snack size baggies that you can grab out of the fridge. Packing your lunch the night before work or school is a great way to really think ahead and get your fruit and veggie servings. Although it may seem taxing after a long day, the health benefits are very rewarding and your wallet will thank you as well!
5. Make Your Plate Look Colorful
healthy No, the chicken breast should not take up your entire plate! The USDA recommends filling half your plate with a non-starchy vegetable (green beans, broccoli, carrots, salad mix, etc) and fruits, ¼ of your plate should be devoted to starch (potatoes, rice, pasta), and the other ¼ should be a lean protein (chicken, fish, lean beef, any meat substitute). For more info, visit!


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